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Entrega GRÁTIS para Portugal Continental

Jump Rope

€14,32 €17,90

Skipping rope has never been so easy! Practical and effective, our rope is made to go with you, wherever you want, and provide you with a more dynamic workout without needing a lot of space. If you don't like running or cycling, we have the right answer for you!

The iouiou rope splits in two to better fit your space - train wherever and whenever you want. - Easy to transport - the rope comes in a mesh bag.- Strengthens your bones - preserves and enhances bone density development, depending on your age. - Prevents injuries - continued use of the iouiou rope strengthens the muscles that support your ankle. - Improves your cardiovascular health - prevents weight gain, hypertension and diabetes. - Develops and strengthens your balance and coordination.- Helps you get into a rhythm - if you're like iouiou and like a challenge, start by alternating between slow and fast rhythms. - Develops, essentially, your leg muscles - if you like bulging calves, this is the iouiou product for you!- Burns calories fast - between 660 and 900 calories per day.